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Going a step further, Rachel wanted to formulate and produce each product herself

After having served in the U.S. Army, Rachel Sahlberg graduated from Florida College of Natural Health (FCNH) in 2015, where she obtained her esthetician license with over 960 accredited hours in their advanced skin care program. She then moved to Northville, MI, where she was hired as a skincare buyer for a high-end market. It was there when she noticed that, while companies claimed to be all-natural, they contained ingredients such as alcohol, added fragrance, fillers, binders and preservatives. 

These ingredients were not intended to benefit the skin, but instead to stabilize the product and to give it a more attractive appearance and scent. For her, this seemed to be misleading as well as defeating the purpose of going natural. Feeling compelled to do something about it, she decided to combine her knowledge from FCNH with her lifelong passion for studying the health benefits of plants, to create her own all-natural skin care line. 

Going a step further, Rachel wanted to formulate and produce each product herself, so that she could confidently back the quality and ensure complete transparency. No fillers, alcohol or added fragrance. Only pure, effective, skin-loving ingredients.

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    What makes us different?

Skin care is one of the oldest and most competitive industries in the world and now going “organic” is sought out more than ever before, but not every natural skincare line is created equal.

Unlike other “all-natural” companies that focus on using ingredients that are heavily processed (expeller pressed, refined, deodorized and bleached) to remove any “unpleasant” characteristics, here at Ayahuasca, we value the power of nature, which is why the process that these precious oils go under (cold-pressed, unrefined and CO2 extraction) is our top priority- regardless of their scent and color.

Ayahuasca is formulated for those who want the most from their skin care products, not because they look and smell pretty, but because they know that the closer they are to nature, the more their skin will thrive!

Morning Skin Care

It is essential to clean and moisturize your skin every morning by using our organic products as they protect your skin against harmful environmental pollution and factors all day long.

Daily Make Up

Make-Up can clog your pores and potentially damage your skin. Even though you wash off makeup ‘completely’ in the evening, you cannot ensure healthy skin unless you follow an active skincare practice.

Night Hydration

Our Night care hydration routine will help you moisture and repair your skin at night. Our dry oil cleanser will ensure to remove dry cells from the skin while keeping your skin firm, clean and youthful.

Skin care solutions

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